"Transformative experience"

From the first moment I met Marlena I knew I was in safe hands. She has “been there and done that” and turned out to be uniquely qualified to guide me beyond my doubts and fearful limitations into a world of possibility and opportunity.
I wanted to develop new avenues for my business and Marlena’s intuitive skills continue to shine a light on what my purpose is and where my heart is guiding me. She knows and there’s no getting away from it! Working with her is a transformative experience.

Lorraine S

"She has the right personality, skills and knowledge"

I'm finding it the most useful advice/motivation/sounding board I've had since I started my own business!
Ruth A

"She embarks with you onto the journey of discovering new paths to life"

When I started my sessions with Marlena I was very sceptical. How can any life coaching help my anxieties, I've had them for years, I am an intelligent person and I am dealing with them quietly, I won’t let them ruin my life! How can somebody coach an old veteran pretty conversed in the game of life? You don’t teach an old dog new tricks and so on and so on. However there was a little hidden hope that maybe I can learn new tricks, because I agreed to have a few sessions with Marlena. And yes, you guessed it, she did teach me something new. Well, teach is a wrong word, she patiently lead me to understand underlying source of my anxieties, she guided me through my scepticism and opened my mind to clarity and deeper understanding. We all suspect there is a deeper meaning of life, and yet really we don’t acknowledge it. We think we are on board, but that’s just it, we think! I enjoyed our life coaching sessions, Marlena is patient, understanding and, for want of better words, a lovely and warm person. You can sense that she really wants to help, she embarks with you onto the journey of discovering new paths to life. She is not your teacher, but a companion on your journey. Slowly, after a few sessions, I did actually sensed a difference in my attitude to my anxieties, I felt I started to understand where they are coming from and I know they will go away, and if not I am now well equipped, thanks to Marlena’s help, to deal with them head on.

Dorota H

"More calmness and less stressing"

So easy to talk to, open up and fall into feeling of peace when talking to you. I’m sure that the reason why it was easy to quickly see results, more calmness and less stressing about ‘what if', is the fact that you with your gentleness and personal understanding open up the space for person to be at ease with themselves and understand or see what they have been stuck with and how innocent it was. I'm amazed how effortless and easy it was to work with you and notice changes that have happened; I enjoy more peace and judge/criticise myself less, so I can focus my mind on more important stuff like business development and enjoy more the time I have with friends and family. 

Mira G

"Very inspirational"

Marlena is very motivated and she is one of the most upbeat and positive people I have ever met in my life. As a coach, she is very inspirational and she shone light on my life. She was genuinely interested in me and she really listened to me.

Martin P

"Help you find peace, calm and a new lease of life"

Marlena's light burns very brightly and her energy is infectious. I was pointed towards fresh thinking, even though at the time I believed to not have a way forward and her patience allowed me to find the right answers and trust my own wisdom. Marlena really does know how to help you find peace, calm and a new lease of life.

Peter G

"Managed to pull threads from the conversation and guide me"

I can’t say enough about her. I found her clear, to the point, and generous. Someone who managed to pull threads from the conversation and guide me to see how I was holding myself back by innocently judging myself and others. A great revelation! Thank you Marlena

Promila P

"Changed the way I look at life"

Marlena has really helped me gain an understanding of myself and my behaviours, having this understanding has improved my relationships and changed the way I look at life, all good! Thank you so much.

Lu S

"A new perspective on my relationships"

Coaching with Marlena transformed my life. It has given me a new perspective on my relationships with others and the judgements I make about myself and those close to me. I am now much calmer and happier as a person. 

Francesca B

"I now know that life is full of opportunities, not obstacles"

Marlena has shown me that I have all it takes to cope with any difficulties I come across in my life. I never knew how much inner strength I have and how much I can achieve when I clear my mind of limiting beliefs about myself. I now know that life is full of opportunities, not obstacles. 

Andrew S