Tired of feeling stuck, overwhelmed
and under pressure?

New "EFFORTLESS RESULTS" masterclass 

reveals 3 secret tools to get unstuck, create limitless new opportunities 

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You are telling yourself that...

  • you don’t have what it takes to succeed
  • everything is against you
  • you failed in the past, therefore you will fail again
  • this is too hard, too big, too challenging
  • you don’t deserve to have what you want
  • others judge you harshly

You've tried everything...

  • talked to friends, family and strangers
  • read all the self-help books and motivational quotes
  • went to workshops, mentoring sessions, all sorts of sessions…

You are pretending everything is OK even though you know that’s not true.

You feel...

  • powerless
  • frustrated
  • annoyed
  • disappointed
  • stressed
  • overwhelmed
  • fed up
  • inadequate

It all feels heavy and unfair.

Ready to give up?

Good! Just for a second - just breathe… Take a moment and acknowledge all those feelings… because they are just that - feelings.

This is NOT who you truly are - and I know that you are capable of much more than you believe right now…

How do I know that?

Because I was where you are just five years ago.

I want to share with you the one thing that took me from hopelessly stuck, frustrated and painfully beating up myself to radically changing my life in ways I couldn’t imagine at the time.

I want to share this with you in the hope that it can help you rise up and start achieving the great things you imagine for yourself.

I was ill, I lost my job and the career I was building for 17 years was over. I felt at a loss not believing that I can succeed in anything. I was stuck in a dark tunnel with no way out.

Fast forward to today and I live in a beautiful home which I have recently extended, I have investments giving me regular income, I run my own successful business and I am able to travel the world, meet amazing people, help my family, and do the things I love. I have everything I’ve ever wanted and more. And the best thing is - I know I can get what I want every time.

What made the difference? 

What was it that got me out of that nightmare, turned everything around and led me to where I am today?

IT all came down to one realisation - and learning how to put that realisation into action in the world… The moment I started to do that the nightmare began to fade and I began to turn my life around one positive step at a time…

At the time each of those steps was hard because I didn’t know what I was doing…

But now, since I’ve been coaching and helping others to radically transform their lives, I’ve got those down to a streamlined, teachable process…

And THIS is what I want to share with you because I strongly believe that if you are feeling stuck. Lost, and ready to give up - this is the one thing that can pull you out of the quicksand and give you the tools you need to be able to start creating your life the way you want it to be when you let yourself dream of your best life.

You won’t be disappointed. People who attended my events, workshops and coaching got results that change their life.

Marlena is definitely an expert in ensuring your mind is working to its highest capability. She helps those achieve more out of life by overcoming the mental blocks that is often a hindrance to getting you to where you want to be.

If you’re looking to get some help in figuring WHERE you’re stuck or WHY you might be stuck, I highly recommend to reach out to her!


Her talk was, and I quote the group, was truly inspiring. The whole presentation was engaging, and the whole audience was captivated.


Marlena is an expert at helping people deal with difficult circumstances in their lives. She has a deep understanding of what makes people tick and will help people fulfill their true potential.


She is helps her clients achieve business and personal goals like no other


She is truly inspirational and beautifully spoken


Marlena provides excellent input and ideas!


I came away from the session feeling better organised and ready to go again tomorrow.


Marlena is adroit at helping you to get to the crux of the issue, and to find the resources and resilience in yourself to overcome what's holding you back. 

Thank you so much Marlena for such a wonderful experience


Marlena has “been there and done that” and turned out to be uniquely qualified to guide me beyond my doubts and fearful limitations into a world of possibility and opportunity.


Excellent session and I appreciate the insights


Marlena is patient, understanding and, for want of better words, a lovely and warm person. You can sense that she really wants to help, she embarks with you onto the journey of discovering new paths to life. She is not your teacher, but a companion on your journey.


Marlena's light burns very brightly and her energy is infectious. I was pointed towards fresh thinking, even though at the time I believed to not have a way forward and her patience allowed me to find the right answers and trust my own wisdom.


I'm finding it the most useful advice/motivation/sounding board I've had since I started my own business!


Marlena has a knack of making things feel not so bad after all and somehow simpler than before so you can deal with what is happening in your life.


Interested in getting unstuck?

I’m running a LIVE masterclass: "EFFORTLESS RESULTS" masterclass where I will give you a direct experience of what I’m talking about as well as a practical tool for getting unstuck every time.

This is not something that I can just tell you about - you have to experience it for yourself - this is why I’d love you to come along to my “EFFORTLESS RESULTS” masterclass - register below and I will send you a confirmation email with all the access details.